Fixed Deposits

We, at Contai Co-operative Bank Ltd., understand your need for security and offer you flexible deposits. Thus providing you with greater earnings, with the flexibility of maintaining your funds in accessible units so you don't need to break the entire deposit.

Features of Fixed Deposits:

 •   Wide range of tenures, ranging from 45 days to 10 years
 •   Best-in-class interest rates
 •   Senior citizens get an extra benefit on the interest rate (0.50% extra)
 •   Avail of Loans against your deposits at competitive rates, giving you complete funds liquidity
 •   Auto Renewal, ensuring that your Fixed Deposit will be rolled over for the existing period of the deposit, even if you forget to give instructions


Important Points:

 •   Interest on deposits is payable either quarterly or monthly at a discounted value at the option of the depositor
 •   Please visit your nearest Contai Co-operative Bank Ltd. branch to submit or confirm updation of your PAN with the bank

To book a Fixed Deposit,please visit your nearest Branch or call us on+91-3220-255023.

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